Lead Response & Instant Call Back Automation

Generate More Qualified Sales Calls

Turn Website & Landing Pages Visitors into Qualified Sales Calls Instantly
Boost your lead generation campaigns using Closor today

Call back leads
within 30 seconds

Increase your
answer rate up to 3x

Close up to
2.5x more deals

Used by over +500 fast growing startups and SMB teams


Capture more quality leads
& receive feedback real time

  • Capture more quality leads

  • Lower Cost Per Lead

  • Receive feedback real time


Call back leads instantly
& close more deals

  • Call back leads instantly

  • Increase answer rate

  • Close more deals

  • For Real Estate

  • For Automotive Industry

  • For Health & Wellness

  • For Educational Institutions

  • For Digital Agencies

  • For Professional Services

+ 49500
quality sales calls made
+ 0 %
higher answer rate
99 Sec
avg. lead response time
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Why do instant call back convert better?

Get ahead of competition by calling back your leads instantly while they are browsing your website, landing page or campaign to increase your answer rate & close more deals.

Helping 500+ businesses grow

“Our sales agents usually took on average 2 to 3 days to follow up with new leads, and had 20% answer rate when we were introduced to Closor, we didn’t believe that there could be a solution out there to automate the call back process without investing a huge budget in hardware or high tech telephony system.

The setup process was very simple, our marketing team synced the landing page form with Closor & invited sales team to install Closor on their smartphones, that’s it.

Starting from the first day we saw a huge impact on our sales team productivity and the answer rate increased about 4x from 20% to 80% which increased the close rate as well by 2.5x

When it comes to lead generation, every call matters, that why Closor is my favourite growth hack tool.”

Hassan Elgendy, Operation Manager at Arabian Academy

Easy to integrate Closor with your favourite platform!

Closor works perfectly with any website by adding a short snippet of code that can be placed via Google Tag Manager. Also we plan to integrate it with many social media like Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin.

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