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Why to Automate your Lead Gen Forms?

Even though sales teams spend most of their hours on the phone, it takes sales agents from 2 to 5 days on average to call & followup with captured leads, which turns your hot lead into a cold lead and allows your competitors to take advantage and close the deal with your potential customer!


Convert 30% to 120% more web visitors into inbound sales calls.

Closor is the most effective way to turn potential customers into qualified sales calls.

Engage website visitors when they’re hottest and turn them into instant or scheduled calls.

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For Sales Team

• Call Leads Instantly
• Get Higher Answer Rate
• Increase Team's Efficiency
• Close More Deals

For Marketing Team

• Capture More Quality Leads
• Split Test Different Campaigns
• Track Offline Conversion
• Automate Workflow

Work From Anywhere

Closor allows your sales teams to call potential customers instantly anywhere anytime using the smartphone apps while it allows you to integrate with your favorite CMS & CRM

Using Closor, we managed to get 4x higher answer rate & 2.5x more in sales within a month of using the app.
Hassan El Gendy
CEO, Arabian Academy

Arabian Academy Case Study

  • Situation

    • Marketing team used to generate leads using FB LeadAds.
    • Sales agents take on average 2 days to follow up with new leads.
    • Low answer rate & close rates.

  • Approach

    Marketing team synced their FB Ad account with Closor & invited sales team to install Closor on their smartphones.

  • Results

    • Sales team managed to call new leads within 5 sec from submission time.
    • Answer rate increased by 4x & close rate increased by 2.5x
    • Moreover the cost per call & cost per sale dropped significantly.